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Air Conditioning Filter Services

10 Most Common Air Conditioning Services

10 Most Common Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning is a necessity during Melbourne’s hot summers, so it’s a huge inconvenience when your air conditioner stops working or stops producing cold air at the same pace and efficiency. It’s important to be aware of some of the most common air conditioner problems. That way, when it’s time to call the professionals, you have an idea of which part may be malfunctioning.

Air Conditioning Filter Services

Air Conditioning Filter Services

Many of the most common air conditioning problems are due to a dirty or clogged filter. Depending on the make and model of your air conditioner, you may have to change the filter every month, every three months, or simply clean it regularly. The best way to evaluate whether your filter is dirty is to shine a light through it and see if it passes through.

Thermostat Services

If your air conditioner isn’t turning on at all, you may have a problem with your thermostat. Make sure it is turned on, clean, and not placed in direct sunlight.

Refrigerant Leak Repairs

A coolant leak in your air conditioner can lead to rapid temperature fluctuations and weak performance. The location of the leak can influence the severity of the damage and the repair so if you suspect a refrigerant leak, make sure you contact a service professional right away.

Drainage Problems

If your air conditioner is leaking, a cogged drain line could be causing it. When the drain becomes clogged with dirt, dust, and lint, it can cause a water leak that will damage your unit.

Breakers or Fuses

The breakers and fuses are responsible for keeping the motor from overheating. If your AC’s motor stops working, it might be a simple breaker fix.

Capacitor Failure

Capacitors are a vital component of the motor and compressor fans. If the capacitor burns out, the AC unit won’t run or the fans will stop moving and blowing cool air.

Compressor Problems

The AC compressor propels cool air throughout your home. If there is not enough refrigerant for the compressor, then your unit will blow hot air. Although, If there is too much refrigerant, then cold air will return to the compressor and may cause it to stop working.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are responsible for absorbing the heat in the air and sending it back to the unit to create cool air. If the coils break or become worn, they will not properly recirculate the air. Most coils require maintenance every few years.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are located in the same place as the compressor, which means they are exposed to dirt and elements that cause corrosion. Regular maintenance includes cleaning the coils with a hose, but if they become too dirty, they may require a chemical cleaner.

Old Contactor

Your air conditioner has contactors for the compressor, the motor, and the condenser. If the contactor is old and worn, then it won’t make the proper electrical connections required to start your AC.

Problems With Your Air Conditioner?

While problems with your air conditioner are always inconvenient, if you do find yourself in need of an air conditioner repair, Efficient Pure Plumbing can help. We’ve been providing expert air conditioning repairs and services to Melbourne for over 15 years. For more information about servicing your air conditioner, call us on 03 9133 8707 or use our contact form.