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All About Braemar Energy Efficient Ducted Heating Systems

All About Braemar Energy Efficient Ducted Heating Systems

For over 75 years, Braemar has been providing Melbourne with innovative, energy-efficient ducted heating and cooling systems that save you money and keep the air you breathe clean. Australian-owned and operated, Braemar manufactures a range of items including ducted gas heating, space heaters, wall furnaces, reverse cycle systems, and evaporative cooling systems.

Designed for Quality in Albury

Since Braemar’s operations are housed locally in Albury, they keep a close eye on the quality of their manufacturing. Every innovation is carefully designed to deliver the optimal energy efficient and intuitive experience to their customers. Easy to install and maintain, Braemar systems continue to set the standard for efficiency.

Behind the Scenes of Ducted Heating Innovation

Case in point, Braemar’s newest innovation, the Braemar EchoStar, is the most energy efficient heater on the market. This seven-star ducted gas heater produces quick results and saves tons of money. Each star that a heater earns represents a 10-15 per cent drop in running costs as determined by the Australian Gas Association’s (AGA) energy efficiency standards.

How a Ducted Gas Heating System Works

Ducted gas heating systems enable greater energy efficiency because they allow you to use a single unit to heat up the entire house versus using multiple units for multiple rooms. With a ducted gas system, the central heating unit is typically installed on the side of the house or on the roof. Then, it’s connected to different rooms through a network of ducts.

The central heating unit uses a fan to draw in air and heat inside. Then, the air is forced through the insulated ducts and into the desired rooms. The air in the room is collected and retuned to the central heating unit, reheated, and pushed back into the room. This process saves you money by using the air you already have inside, the temperature outside doesn’t influence ensuring the temperature in your room.

Benefits of Braemar Systems

Braemar Systems are known Australia-wide as the go-to heating and air conditioning systems for superior energy efficiency. They offer customers comfort and precise temperature control throughout the year. Some of the major benefits of using a Braemar ducted gas system include:


  • Savings of up to $525 per year when compared to reverse cycle systems.
  • Accurate temperature control when the outside temperature drops. Whereas reverse cycle systems lose efficiency, ducted gas remains steady.
  • Clean air that won’t cause dry skin or eyes.
  • Fast temperature adjustments. Ducted gas systems reach the desired temperature faster than the reverse cycle.
  • Greater flexibility to heat and cool specific rooms in your home. You can simply close the vent to prevent the air from traveling through a duct if you want to direct the heat or coolness elsewhere.

Start Your Energy Efficiency Journey Today

Get a head start on temperature control for you home. Efficient Pure Plumbing is Melbourne’s premiere resource for Braemar heating and cooling systems. We handle the installation and provide regular maintenance to help your unit last longer. Call our team on 03 9498 1063 for a free quote on your Braemar heating and cooling system.