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Best Ways to Save Energy While Heating Your Home

4 Best Ways to Save Energy While Heating Your Home

Bulky, push-button thermostats are likely to become relics of the past, with innovative, easily installed replacements becoming more popular. The latest electric floor heating thermostats come packed with features like integration with home automation system, programming capabilities that allow you to “set and forget” and more user-friendly interfaces. These systems come with multiple day programmable schedules with easy to use software, giving you unprecedented flexibility over your heating system. Some Smart systems “learn” more about your requirements over time, compensating for start up time to ensure that your home is at the temperature you desire at the right time.

Thermostats with Wi-Fi integration make it possible to adjust your settings from a smartphone, tablet or browser, giving you even greater flexibility over multiple aspects of your heating system. Smart thermostats are beautifully designed, customisable for your interiors, and capable of warm weather shut down options, controlling multiple thermostats and automatic activation of systems based on smartphone location.

electric hydronic heating braemar ducted heating hydronic heating installation

Energy Efficient Hydronic Heating

Perfect for Melbourne weather, Hydronic heating systems are highly efficient and immensely popular with those who are conscious about their impact on the environment. This is a heating system that use a boiler to pump heated water through insulated pipes that push warm air out through radiators or under floor heating ducts. A versatile thermostat allows for greater control over ambient room temperature, and can be placed anywhere in the house, easily integrated with your smart device.

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Eco-Friendly Wall Furnace

We provide a wide range of gas fuelled wall furnace units that are designed to suit rooms of every size with multiple configurations. Wall Furnaces are extremely energy efficient, making Braemar the perfect choice for comprehensive home heating with design that complements the room.

With Australia committing itself to leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, low carbon footprint natural gas has emerged as the best option for home heating. Wall Furnaces are the high-performance, efficient, low impact options for the future.

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Addressing The Weak Link: Windows

No matter how well your home is insulated, it can be let down by poorly designed windows made from the wrong material. Studies show that up to 30% of home heating is lost through windows.

Installing energy-efficient, dual pane windows keep the warm air inside during the winter, and trap cool air during the summer. Some windows come with an extra layer of low-E, an invisible layer that helps reflect more UV rays, providing better insultation. Keep your curtains and windows closed, and check that the window seals are intact to prevent heat leaking out of your home through the cracks.

Home and Business Heating Specialists In Melbourne

At Efficient Pure Plumbing, we find solutions for every kind of home and business heating requirement. Not sure where to begin? We have more than 20 years of experience and have repaired a vast range of old ducted heating and cooling systems. Contact our consultants for information on hydronic and Braemar ducted heating systems, and ask for an obligation free quote! Give us a call on 03 9792 3261 today or get in touch online.