Melbourne’s Leading Provider of Ducted Heating Systems

Braemar has been providing Australia with innovative heating and cooling solutions for 75 years. Braemar heating and cooling systems are some of the most highly reputable and reliable options on the Australian market, combining highly economical functioning with exceptional results.

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Ducted Heating System Advantages

Unlike many other systems, Braemar air conditioning allows your family, customers or employees to enjoy a comfortably cool or warm environment without severely impacting your energy bill. Available in ducted, split system and evaporative cooling options, our professionals can help you decide which option from this broad range is best for your needs. Here are a few of the biggest advantages:

Cost Effective

Save up to $525 per year when compared to reverse cycle.

Better Performance

Reverse cycle works less efficiently when outside temperature drops. Ducted gas efficiently remains steady.

Instant Warmth

Ducted gas reaches desired temperature much faster than the reverse cycle.

Comfortable Air

Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.

More Precise Temperature Control

The Australian-made range includes ducted gas heating, space heaters, wall furnaces, reverse cycle, and evaporative cooling systems – as well as combined heating and cooling solutions to give you comfort and precise temperature control all throughout the year.

A Range of Ducted Gas Heaters

Braemar offers a complete range of ducted gas heaters to suit every application. All Hi-Tech Gas Services Braemar dealers are expertly trained to ensure correct heater selection and installation. Braemar Ecostar will heat your home effectively and efficiently.

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Leading provider of ducted heating system

Leading Ducted Heating Innovation

Braemar is the first in the world to offer a 7-star ducted gas heater! Quite simply, this is the most energy-efficient heater on the market. And, when you consider that every additional star represents a 10 to 15% drop in running costs, this is great news for every Australian. Every gas heating appliance sold in Australia must be tested and certified for use by a NATA accredited laboratory. These results are used by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) to measure performance levels. The stars are a clear guide to the energy efficiency of an appliance — the more stars, the better the efficiency rating. The high energy efficiency achieved by Braemar EchoStar means that it uses less gas to heat your home, which means extra dollars in your pocket.

Ducted Heating Installation Process

The installer can locate a Braemar ducted Gas Central Heating unit inside the roof space, under the house & also externally. The heating outlets, or ducts, can be positioned in the floor or ceiling, depending on your preference and the type of house. Most modern homes are built on concrete slabs there four the unit and the ducting would be located in the roof cavity that’s the only option. Heating from the ceiling does work as well as heating from the floor provided the installation is done correctly.

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