Melbourne’s Preferred Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling Systems

There is a reason this is one of the most common and popular options available for effective climate control in homes and businesses. Ducted temperature control follows an age-old concept and maximises efficiency by distributing air from a single unit to a number of different rooms. With continual advancements in the industry over the years, these systems are increasingly efficient and are still a first choice for our clients in Richmond, St Kilda and all over Melbourne.

Ducted gas heating features

  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly central unit
  • Inexpensive compared to standard single gas heating units
  • Simple temperature control at your fingertips

Depending on their efficiency and energy output, they are measured by a rating of three, four or five stars:

Three star systems are simple to use and function reliably, and are a great option for inexpensive cooling and ducted heating in Richmond, Ringwood and wider Melbourne.

With an even lower running cost, four star systems give you increased control with the ability to alter the temperature of individual rooms.

Five star
Leading the pack, five star systems are the most efficient and use Spectrolink Multizone technology for ultimate control. While it requires a larger investment initially, its high performance and low running cost make it the best option available.

Six Star
This is a high efficient gas ducted heater, making it a great long-term investment for your home.

Seven Star
Braemar brings you the world’s most energy-efficient conventional ducted gas heater on the market – the Braemar 7 Star*

What sets our ducted heating apart?

As an industry leader, we are committed to giving you the best possible result from evaporative cooling to split systems and will advise you on the most appropriate option to suit your needs. Any and all works will be carried out with thorough attention to detail and an emphasis on high standards of customer service.

We have all the equipment and expertise to provide you with dependable installations, maintenance and repairs of ducted heating and cooling systems throughout Ringwood, Mulgrave and Melbourne to keep you comfortable at home and work. To find out more, contact us directly on 0402 595 199 or leave your details in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whether you’re in Richmond, St Kilda or anywhere else, Efficient Pure Plumbing has the solution for you.


Disperses air flow
directly down to
floor level, can be
shut off in
summer months

Return air grille

Fixed design.
Vacuum to clean



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