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Woman drinks hot drink in mug while enjoying heated room.

Heating and Cooling for Your Home

Heating and Cooling for Your Home 

Your home is your haven, your very own space where you can relax in comfort and safety and be yourself. 

Melbourne’s cold winters and hot summers mean you’ll need to install heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable all year round. 

However, with energy prices constantly rising, home owners are more conscious than ever of keeping energy costs down by using the most cost effective methods of heating and cooling at home. 

Woman drinks hot drink in mug while enjoying heated room.

Choose your Systems

What type of system works best for you will depend on what rooms you want to heat and cool, the type of home you live in, and whether you spend a lot of time there. 

Old stone homes often only need minimal cooling if they’re well insulated, but may require considerable heating in winter, although having separate rooms instead of an open plan living area can keep costs down. 

More modern homes can be more energy efficient, depending on the building materials, so it’s wise to choose a heating and cooling system that works effectively in your home without wasting energy. 

An open plan living area, such as you’d find in newer homes, can be comfortably cooled with a large split system air conditioner. 

Choosing eco-friendly systems is also high on the list of must-haves for many home owners. 

Choose your Rooms

Some home owners only want to heat and cool certain rooms in the home such as the main living areas. 

This can cut energy costs as well as initial outlay because the system you need will be smaller and more energy efficient. 

However, consider air conditioning in bedrooms for a good night’s sleep on those hot summer nights. It can make such a difference to how you feel the next day, and how well you tolerate the summer heat. 

Whole House Heating and Cooling

If you want total climate control throughout your home then ducted heating and cooling is the way to go. 

Modern systems are extremely energy efficient and you can choose the rooms you want to heat and cool at different times. 

You’ll enjoy even temperature distribution in minutes and can control it with your smart phone, even when you’re not at home. 

Professional Air Conditioner Installation

When it’s time to choose heating and cooling for your home seek professional advice on the right system for your needs. 

The services of an expert such as Efficient Pure Plumbing will ensure your system is correctly installed and maintained for maximum efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Melbourne

Efficient Pure Plumbing is your specialist for heating and cooling systems for your home or business. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a full range of services with a 6-year new installation guarantee and we’ll beat any written quote on installation and repairs. 

We’re experts in all the major brands including Daikin, Braemar, Breezair, Bonaire, Mitsubishi and ActronAir, and we’re the highest rated company for customer service in Victoria. 

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