For a perfectly climate controlled home, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling systems. With our advanced, easy to use systems, you can cool yourself down in the summer months and keep warm in winter. Our efficient systems, and quality installation services, help you distribute air from a single unit to your whole home. Each unit is eco-friendly and energy efficient, saving you money in the long term.

In a wide range of service areas across Melbourne, including Burwood, Ringwood and Mulgrave, you’ll be able to get the heating unit you want, sooner. Begin saving money off your next power bill, and live in the utmost level of comfort.

We offer installation of your air conditioning

Thinking about buying heating and cooling systems to make your home a comfortable zone? There is an abundance of service providers throughout Melbourne, so it would be pretty difficult to find the right one. Efficient Pure Plumbing has a highly experienced team of technicians that can provide you with the perfect air conditioning installation services by recognizing your requirements. Our services include heating system installation, split systems, duct systems and top quality evaporative cooling in Melbourne.



Ducted Heating Systems Melbourne

As an industry leader, we are committed to giving you the best possible result to keep you and your family warm this winter. Read more about our ducted heating systems.


Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic heating has two major components: the boiler and thermostat controller.

The boiler is the ‘heart’ of a hydronic heating system whereby it is responsible for heating and pumping water through insulated pipes to emit heat from either radiator panels (Radiator Panel Hydronic System) or the concrete floor slab (Under-floor Hydronic Heating).

The thermostat controller is the ‘brains’ of a hydronic heating system whereby it has the ability to sense and set desired ambient room temperature, as well as being programmable to the turn the system on or off whenever one pleases (eg. turning off once after everyone has gone to be bed). The thermostat controller can be wall hung, wireless or able to be set up with a smart device.