Hot Water Services – All You Need to Know

Hot Water Services – All You Need to Know

If your old hot water service has seen better days and is close to retiring you’ll need to do some research before you buy a new one. 

There are so many different types of hot water heaters available now that it’s hard to know which one is right for you, and since your new hot water service will be used every day it’s important to choose well. 

If you’ve had a specialist look at your old system and it’s been deemed ready to retire, do your due diligence and ensure you know the basics when shopping for its replacement. [vc_single_image image=”5922″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”fadeIn”]

Gas or Electric?

Your old hot water heater will likely determine what type you replace it with, gas or electric, but if you’re completely renovating or installing a hot water service in a new homeyou should decide beforehand. 

Electric is the most commonly installed system optionAlthough they are the cheapest to buy, they cost more to run.  

Gas is the most energy efficient and economical to run, but costs more initially. 

There’s also the option of solar hot water which is the most costly to buy and install, but will save you a lot on your energy bills. 

Choose the Right Size

It’s important to choose the right sized hot water heater, which is usually calculated by the number of people in the household. 

Install a service that’s too small and you’ll always be running out of hot water. Install one that’s too big and you’re wasting energy by heating water you won’t use. 

A continuousflow hot water heater, where the water is heated as it’s needed, is usually sized by the number of hot water taps in the home. However, installing one that’s too small will still result in hot water shortages if multiple hot water outlets are used at the same time. 

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for the most energy efficient hot water service that’s economical to run then a solar hot water service with natural gas back up is the way to go. 

If your home is connected to natural gas, make use of it and install a gas hot water heater. You’ll soon recoup the initial extra cost with consistently lower power bills. 

Professionally Installed Hot Water

Whatever hot water service you choose, be sure to have it properly installed by a professional. 

They can also advise you on the type and size that’s best for your needs, as well as maintenance and safety tips to keep it working as it should for years to come. 

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