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Air conditioner blowing cold air

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work? 

You’ve probably heard of evaporative cooling, but may not be sure how it works. Evaporative cooling can be a fantastic, inexpensive option to get great quality cooling in your entire home. However, those who don’t understand evaporative cooling may not be sure if it’s suitable for their home or the climate they live in. 
If you are considering investing in evaporative cooling, find out more about in the information below: 

Air conditioner blowing cold air

What is Evaporative Cooling? 

Evaporative Cooling uses a system similar to nature’s own evaporation system.  Have you ever noticed when you sweat and then step out in front of a fan or face a cool breeze, you immediately feel cooled down? An evaporative cooling system works in a similar way by evaporating liquid and releasing cool air as a result. 

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work? 

Evaporative cooling works by using a fan, pads, pump and water. The internal unit connects to a unit outside that draws in the hot air. The air comes into the unit and passes through an absorbent pad that is full of cool water. This then allows for the outside air to be transformed into cool air that is blown inside to keep you cool at all times. 

What are the Benefits of Evaporative Cooling? 

There are a variety of benefits to evaporative cooling that make it the ideal choice for your home. These include: 

  • Low Installation and Running Costs: Evaporative cooling is cheaper to install across an entire home. Ducts can be installed across the house meaning everywhere in your home will be comfortable, whereas split systems may not cover the entirety of your home. They are also generally cheaper to run than other types of air conditioning. 
  • Leaving Doors and Windows Open: If you have children who are constantly leaving the doors and windows open, or you simply like the idea of having fresh air travelling through your home in summer then evaporative cooling is a great choice. It will be just as powerful, even with outside air travelling into the home. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Evaporative cooling does not release any greenhouse gas emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and making it an eco-friendly option.

What Should You Consider When Installing Evaporative Cooling?  

When you are installing evaporative cooling, you will need to consider the climate in which you live in. Evaporative cooling is excellent in all climates except tropical areas where humidity can decrease its effectiveness. You should also make sure you get your cooling installed by professionals who can provide high quality units and installation. 

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