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Happy woman lying under air conditioner on couch using laptop at home.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning 

Most people think of air conditioning as a way to keep cool in summer but it also includes heat pumps, or reverse cycle air conditioning, to keep you warm in winter. 

There are a few different types of air conditioning and, depending on your situation, one might be better suited than another for your needs. 

Since a good air conditioning unit is a major investment and should last for many years, it’s important to choose the correct size and type and to consult with a heating and cooling specialist before you decide to buy. 

Happy woman lying under air conditioner on couch using laptop at home.

Evaporative Cooling Service

Evaporative cooling uses evaporation to cool the hot, dry air from outside through water-soaked cooling pads. As the air passes through, the water is evaporated and much of the heat is absorbed, resulting in cool, moist air being pumped into the room. 

Besides being a very cost-effective method of cooling, evaporative air conditioners always circulate fresh filtered air, not recycled, throughout your home or business. The air is also moistreducing skin dryness and eye and nose irritation that often occurs with other cooling systems. 

Installation, running and maintenance costs are lower with evaporative air conditioning and there are no greenhouse gas emissions 

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioning is always a popular choice because of its energy efficiency and quietness. 

Sometimes called a reverse cycle heat pump, a split system is exactly as the name describes. The noisy compressor is installed outside so you enjoy whisper quiet cool air pumped into the room, or warm air in winter. 

There are two types of split system, the multi-head for large spaces such as warehouses and other commercial properties, and the wall-mounted system which is the most common type you’ll see in homes.  

Split systems are simple to install and maintain, energy efficient and cost effective, and they have a sleek, attractive design. 

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

For fast, even temperature distribution, a ducted air conditioning system gives you the greatest control over which areas of your home or business you cool. 

Also reverse cycle, the one efficient unit can keep your living areas or commercial spaces at the perfect temperature all year round, and you can even install an app on your smartphone to control it from anywhere. 

You can choose which rooms have air conditioning ducts installed, and then configure your heating and cooling to suit your changing needs. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Melbourne

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