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How to Choose the Right Immergas Boiler for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Immergas Boiler for Your Home

When it comes to choosing a gas boiler for your home, you want to make sure you choose the right size for optimal energy efficiency. Immergas offers a range of different sizes for different energy consumption habits. The following is a guide to help you understand what goes into calculating the right gas boiler size for your household size and energy needs. Let’s dive in.

What Size of Gas Boiler Do I Need?

Boiler capacity is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). BTUs measure the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water to 1º Fahrenheit. Every home requires a slightly different BTU measurement based on its size, the number of windows and doors, its location, climate, and quality of insulation.

If you and your neighbour have identical homes, but your neighbour has less insulation, then it’s going to take more energy to change the temperature in his home than in your home. Therefore, he would have a higher BTU requirement.

To calculate BTU requirements, you have can use the following guidelines. In a cold climate, for every square meter of interior space, you need a gas boiler capable of producing about 555 BTUs. In a moderate climate, for every square meter of interior space, you need about

388 BTUs.

Boiler Efficiency

Boiler efficiency plays a huge role in how much your energy bill costs. Let’s say you need about 7,000 BTUs to heat your home. If you have an energy efficient gas boiler, it will take less time to produce the energy required, and your home will arrive at its desired temperature faster.

That’s why it’s so important to understand your BTU requirements before you purchase a gas boiler that’s too large or small. Too large will burn more energy than you need. Too small will have to work overtime and drive up your energy bill to heat your home.

As the leading provider of energy efficient gas boilers in Australia, Immergas pays close attention to alternative energy and gas consumptions savings when they design their products.

Through its new Research Centre, Immergas is designing evolved hybrid systems and electronically controlled systems to further improve energy efficiency. These systems can select the most cost-effective source from condensing boiler, heat pump, solar panels, and photovoltaic system to heat and cool while consuming less energy.

Easy Boiler Installation in Melbourne

Efficient Pure Plumbing is proud to be certified to install and repair your Immergas systems. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your home to determine what gas boiler size you need for optimal energy efficiency. Call our team on 03 9498 1063 to set up an energy consumption consultation and receive a free quote on your Immergas gas boiler.