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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

While it might be a chore that many of us choose to ignore, keeping your air conditioner clean is a great way to prevent future breakdowns and performance issues. Thankfully, cleaning your air conditioner is actually a quick and easy task. Read our handy guide to learn how you can keep your system running like new.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioner?

Regular cleaning and maintenanceis the best way to ensure that your air conditioner operates reliably and efficiently for years into the future. Because you can’t see the dust and grime from the outside, it’s difficult to know how often to give your air conditioner a clean. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning your filters every few weeks. This is a reliable benchmark, but how often you clean your air conditioner filters will depend on how often you use your system. If you live in a particularly dusty or polluted environment, you may wish to clean your filters more often.

What Happens if I Dont Clean My Air Conditioner?

If you use your air conditioner regularly, it’s important to give the filters a good clean every few weeks. If you neglect this task, you could face some serious consequences. Cleaning dust and muck from your filter allows air to pass through your system more easily, resulting in a more efficient system. If you allow dirt to build up over time, you could be facing some nasty power bills. Forgetting to clean your filters can also put the health of your family at risk. Dirty filters mean dust, pollen, mould and other allergens could be floating around your home, being blown around by your air conditioner.

How to Clean Your Air Conditioner at Home

Cleaning your air conditioner filters is a relatively easy job. Simply slide them out and give them a good shake, or use the dusting head on your vacuum. Some filters can be washed in warm soapy water for a deep clean. It’s a good idea to clean your air conditioner’s louvres with a dusting cloth while you’re at it. Don’t forget to clean the outdoor unit of your air conditioner to prevent cobwebs, leaves and dirt from building up.

When Should I Call in an Expert?

While cleaning your air conditioner filters is a simple task for most people, other aspects of air conditioning service are better left to the experts. If your air conditioner is operating incorrectly or inefficiently, don’t try to get to the bottom of the issue yourself. An air conditioner specialist has years of experience and can likely identify and address any problems with your system. It’s never a good idea to try and replace a part in your air conditioner without the proper training. Always call the professionals if your system needs a new part.

Need Air Con Cleaning Assistance?

Regular cleaning can help maintain your air conditioner, but it’s best to call in the experts for air conditioner repair or air conditioner installation. At Efficient Pure Plumbing, we provide ducted air conditioner services Melbourne residents have trusted time and time again. We also provide split system installations and ducted heating installationsContact usand call +61 3 9792 3261 to learn more about our wide range of services.