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How to Make Hydronic Heating More Efficient

How to Make Hydronic Heating More Efficient

Your gas boiler doesn’t have to skyrocket your energy bill if you’re efficient about how you use it. While new boilers are often manufactured to a high efficiency standard, most homes have older models than can drive your energy bill up significantly if you constantly turn on and off the heat.

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What is Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the result of energy out divided by energy in and expressed in the form of a percentage. It describes the relationship between how much energy it takes for your appliances to do their jobs. If your gas boiler has a high-energy efficiency that means it can heat your home quickly without taking a lot of energy to do so.

By considering the following factors and instituting the following practices, you can learn to use less fuel to produce the same amount of heat, thus making your gas boiler fulfil its energy efficiency potential.

Conduct a Combustion Analysis

In order to determine whether your boiler is operating efficiently, you can conduct a combustion analysis. Combustion is the process of combining fuel and oxygen to create heat energy in your gas boiler. If the ratios are off, it could be eating up more energy to bring your boiler to the right heat as opposed to if the fuel and oxygen are in the right proportions.

A qualified technician can use a combustion analyser tool to help understand and adjust the levels in your boiler for the greatest efficiency. This tool measures the levels of carbon monoxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and the stack temperature.

Outdoor Reset

Outdoor reset automatically lowers the boiler water temperature when the outdoor air is warmer so as not to continue operating a high power when you don’t need the warm air as much. Conversely, it raises the water temperature when the outdoor air is cool. Most households in the Melbourne area will only need their boiler on high for less than 30 days of the year, and can suffice on low or completely without for the rest of the year. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for your boiler to operate on high and waste precious energy when you don’t intend to use it.

Proper Building Insulation

Even with a hydronic system, air leakage is a major source of energy efficiency reduction. If your building is not properly insulated to keep the warm air in and cool air out, then your boiler will work overtime to continue producing warm air.

Insulation is usually considered a separate domain from heating, but it still plays a big role in how efficiently your heating system operates. The homeowner, be it you or a landlord, should have an energy audit done to locate sources of air leakage so insulation can be repaired. Even though the initial cost of insulation or insulation repair may be steep, it will save you money on your energy bill in the long run.

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