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Woman feeling hot in an office during summertime with no air conditioner. 

Human-Kind’s Journey Of Battling The Elements

Human-Kind’s Journey Of Battling The Elements

Heating and cooling systems are among humanity’s most important inventions. Our history battling the elements goes back centuries to ancient Rome where early attempts at cooling homes involved placing wet reeds in windows and circulating cool water through the walls. Meanwhile, the use of hand fans goes back at least 3,000 years in China.

The complex electromechanical systems we have in our homes today are a result of nearly a century of engineering developments in cooling, thermodynamics and energy efficiency. Today’s complex heating and cooling systems are essential for our comfort as well as our health and safety during the extremes of summer and winter.

Woman feeling hot in an office during summertime with no air conditioner. 

How Air Conditioning Has Changed

Humanity’s ability to battle the elements using heating and cooling technologies has allowed us to extend our lifespans and live better lives. Instead of using fans and fireplaces, we can now benefit from two-in-one split-system air conditioning systems. These not only keep us cool during summer and warm during winter but also play an essential role in improving air quality.

Reducing Humidity

One of the most important health benefits of air conditioning is reducing humidity. Having a home that is damp is not good for your health in general. High humidity is linked to mould, heatstroke and dehydration. High humidity also helps bacteria flourish and illnesses to spread more easily.

Purifying the Air

A good air conditioning system can provide air filtration and create cleaner air indoors. Special filters can remove bacteria, mould, allergens and air pollution from the air, providing a healthier environment for people with asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues.

Microbes, pollen and other pollutants can trigger illnesses that affect breathing. The absence of these irritants can also make it easier to recover from a cold, allergies, or the flu. Keep in mind that not all AC filters take care of these issues. Basic filters just keep dust and particles out of the system.

Reducing the Risk of Heatstroke

Children and elderly people are more at risk for heatstroke and dehydration while certain conditions, such as heart disease or immune disorders, can be exacerbated by humidity and heat. Quality air conditioning reduces both, preventing excessive sweating and overheating.

Stopping Insects and Parasites

Air conditioning also reduces the number of insects and parasites, which are annoying to deal with and can transmit diseases. Insects generally desire a warm and damp climate. Air conditioners stop insects and parasites by cooling the air, reducing excess moisture and cooling your body temperature to make you less desirable for mosquitos.

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