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Underfloor heating with collector in the room

Hydronic Heating: What it is, and how it can benefit your home.

Hydronic Heating – What is it and How Can it Benefit my Home?

Hydronic heating is the system of heating a house or building by using hot water pumped through insulated pipes. It is comprised of two major components; the boiler and the thermostat controller. The boiler is responsible for heating and pumping water, while the thermostat is the brains of the operation. The thermostat has the ability to sense and set the temperature in different rooms. Hydronic heating can be extremely efficient due to the heat capacity of water. In this article, we will explain the different kinds of hydronic heating, how they work, and the benefits of each.  

Underfloor heating with collector in the room

Under Floor Hydronic Heating

Under floor hydronic heating, sometimes referred to as hydronic slab heating, is a very simple system that consists of laying the insulated hydronic pipes along the reinforced steel mesh that forms the skeleton of the concrete slab, before the concrete is poured. The pipes are laid in a swirl like pattern to evenly distribute heat throughout each room. Different areas of the house will have their own pipes which can be independently controlled to distribute heat. 

One thing to be crucially aware of when it comes to installing underfloor hydronic heating is the floor finish. Timber and carpet floors are particularly good insulating layers, which means they don’t do a good job of conducting heat. A polished concrete or tiled floor is the best option for transferring heat from hydronic slab heating into a home.  

Wall Mounted Radiator Panel Hydronic Heating

Radiator panel hydronic heating is more complicated that underfloor hydronic heating, but relies upon the same principle of circulating heated water. With radiator panel hydronic heating, the pipes circulate through wall panels that are hung in areas where the homeowner wants heat. The panels function with a valve at either end to control the rate of water flow and return so that they all can heat evenly.  

Radiator panels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit every home’s colour and design schemes. Radiator panels can also double as towel racks, meaning you can get out of the shower into a warm room and dry yourself with a pre-warmed towel. 

Maintaining Hydronic Heating

The insulated pipes and wall mounted radiators in a hydronic heating system have a tendency to accumulate sludge over years of operation. In an ideal system, the water in the pipes would remain pure over the years, but there will always be a small amount of impurities introduced into the system. Therefore, it’s necessary to clean out the entire system every few years.  

Hydronic Heating Installation and Maintenance

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