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Hydronic Heating Systems Melbourne

Our products are fully Australian-made and owned, ensuring a steady supply and top-quality craftsmanship. We offer readily available parts and outstanding post-purchase support with repairs and servicing.

Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy luxurious underfloor heating in Melbourne when you choose a hydronic system from Efficient Pure Plumbing. 

Hydronic heating is not only silent, adaptable and keeps your home feeling cosy, but it can also be 35% cheaper than a central ducted option, especially when paired with gas-condensing boilers or air-to-water pumps. These options have two major components: The boiler and the thermostat controller.

The boiler is the ‘heart’ of the setup. It is responsible for warming and pumping water through insulated pipes to emit warmth from either radiator panels or the concrete foundation slab (Underfloor).

The thermostat controller is the ‘brains.’ It can sense and set desired ambient room temperature and be programmable to turn it on or off whenever one pleases (e.g., turning it off once after everyone has gone to bed). The thermostat controller can be wall hung, wireless or set up with a smart device.


Radiator Panel Systems

Radiator Panel Hydronic Systems in Melbourne consists of hanging radiator panels in whichever room the homeowner wants warmth. Each panel will have two sets of insulated pipes connected at either side (left and right or top and bottom connections) conveniently named ‘flow’ and ‘return.’

The flow pipe connects to the radiator panel with a regulating valve, which controls the flow of warmed water from the boiler into the radiator panel. A thermostatic radiator valve can also replace a regulating valve with the added benefit of self-regulating, meaning temperatures can be individually set, making it ideal for bedrooms.

The return pipe will have a lockshield valve, which controls how much water flows from the radiator. This is essential for creating balance so that all radiator panels warm up at the same rate.

Radiator panels come in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit any home décor. Towel rails are an available option and are ideal for bathrooms to warm up towels and face washers for use fresh out of the shower.

Underfloor Heating Melbourne

Underfloor heating in Melbourne has very few components compared to radiator panels. It consists of laying out pipes along the reinforced steel mesh before pouring the concrete for the structural slab of a new home. 

The pipes run in a swirl-like formation so that warmth evenly distributes throughout the slab and connects to a manifold. The manifold is easily accessible and allows homeowners to turn on or off their system around the house, with each channel having its own flow and return valves.

For underfloor heating in Melbourne, the most suitable finishes for the slab are tiles or polished concrete, as they are great conductors of thermal energy. Other options, like carpet and timber boards, aren’t recommended.

Benefits For Your Home

Radiator panel systems:

  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye with their stylish designs.
  • Adds character to your home.
  • Temperatures are easy to set and adjust.
  • Warms up the home noticeably quicker compared to a hydronic slab option.

Slab options:

  • Minimalist design.
  • Even distribution of warmth throughout the house.
  • No need for slippers.
  • Checking to remove any air in the line as air which create ‘cold spots’ where areas of the panel is replaced with air instead of warmed water.

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