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Immergas was founded in 1964 for the design and manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use. Over 55 years of experience and more than 7 million boilers installed make Immergas one of the leading companies in the heating sector in Italy and in several European countries.

Immergas Advantages

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to heat and cool with Immergas systems:

Energy Efficiency

Innovative energy efficient technology uses a condensing boiler to generate hot and cold air with less energy consumption.

Easy Installation

The range of flue and pipe kits named “Serie Verde” (Green Series) enable high extensions as well as quick, easy installation.

Reliable Systems

Backed by over 56 years in the heating and cooling system innovation industry, Immergas systems provide reliable airflow and are easy to maintain.

Energy Efficient Gas Heating Systems

Greater attention to alternative energy and gas consumption savings have given Immergas a leading position in the production of innovative technologies. Through its new Research Centre, the company is investing further in the design of evolved hybrid systems, and producing electronically-controlled systems that can select the more cost-effective energy source from among condensing boiler, heat pump, solar panels and photovoltaic system, in order to generate heat or cool air with the least amount of energy consumption.

How Immergas Saves You Money

The condensing system provides substantial savings in the running costs of new heating systems and when replacing obsolete units in existing systems. The efficiency of Immergas condensing boilers complies with the efficiency standards for new heating systems. They have also been certified in class 5 and 6, the highest ecological classes set by technical standards.

Gas Heating Systems Installation

Efficient Pure Plumbing is proud to be certified to install and repair your Immergas systems. A member of our team will consult with you to understand your energy consumption habits and needs in order to develop a recommendation for what kind of heating and cooling technology is right for you.

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