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Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

Maintenance tips for your home heating and cooling systems.

Maintenance Tips for Your Home Heating and Cooling Systems 

Heatersair conditioners and combined reverse cycle units all require upkeep and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Some routine tasks can only be carried out by a licensed and professional service person, but a lot of it can be done by the owner. In this article, we will outline a few ways that you can stay on top of maintenance so you can save on your energy bill and enjoy consistently comfortable temperatures in your home.  

Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

Clean Those Filters!

All air conditioners contain filters. These filters clean the air of dust, pollen and airborne bacteria. However, sometimes pathogenic and allergenic material accumulates over time and the performance of the air conditioning system declines. Clogged filters mean that the fans need to work harder to draw the same volume of air across the heating and cooling elements, which increases the energy consumption and your power bill. A build-up of pathogenic or allergenic material can also be a nightmare for people with allergies or weakened immune systems 

Thankfully, filters are usually a breeze to clean. Refer to your operating manual for instructions and do a thorough job to extend the lifetime of your unit.

Keep an Eye out for Accumulating Moisture

When your heating or cooling system is installed, have a good chat with the installation professional. They are likely the same person who services and repairs the units they are installing at your property, and they will have a good understanding of its weak points. One thing to be aware is moisture accumulation, particularly with the external component units of reverse cycle heat pump air conditioners. Moisture build up can drastically reduce the efficiency of heat transfer because water has a much higher heat capacity than air, therefore it uses up more energy. If you notice moisture regularly building up at different points of your air conditioning system, clean it up and make sure you mention it to your service person on their next routine service. 

Keep up to Date with Professional Maintenance

Air conditioners contain moving parts and often pressurized refrigerant, which over years of consistent operation may encounter faults or problems. Make sure that your heating and cooling system undergoes the scheduled routine maintenance from a professional to make sure all of these parts are intact and operating as they should be. Maintenance people will be able to quickly identify signs of wear and tear outside of the ordinary repairs before issues escalate. This will mean your air conditioning system runs better for longer without needing to be replaced.  

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