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Making Sure Your Hot Water System is Safe

Making Sure Your Hot Water System is Safe

In many households, hot water is overlooked source of danger. Many homeowners underestimate the temperature of the water that comes from the hot water tap. If your family includes pets or young children, it’s important that you ensure your hot water system is safe. We’ve listed our top tips to keep you and your family safe from hot water burns.

The Dangers of Hot Water

While access to hot water is essential for cooking, cleaning and bathing, there are dangers associated with hot water that cannot be overlooked. While we’re all aware of the dangers of boiling water in the kettle or on the stove, some people do not realise how hot water from the tap can be. When allowed to heat to its maximum level, water from your hot water tap can cause scalding and burns. Water at 54 degrees can cause serious burns after a minute, while water at 57 degrees can burn instantly.

Children and Hot Water

Children are especially susceptible to burns from hot water. Young children may not understand that water from the tap can harm them. If left unsupervised around hot water, children can wind up with serious burns. It’s a good idea to teach your children about the dangers of hot water from an early age.
Take care when bathing toddlers, babies and your pets. Animals and lack the ability to communicate when placed into water that is too hot, meaning you could accidentally scald your loved ones. To keep your family safe from burns, you can also turn down the temperature of your hot water system.

Choose a Quality Hot Water System

Cheaper hot water systems can be of inferior quality, leading to serious safety concerns. Dodgy hot water systems might not have an accurate temperature gauge. You could set your system to your preferred safe temperature, only to have it produce scoldingly hot water. This is particularly dangerous in households with young children who may accidentally burn themselves with the hot water tap. Always consult a trusted professional when selecting a hot water system. An expert can walk you through your different options and recommend the best choice for your lifestyle.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Just like any home appliance, regular servicing can help to keep your hot water system operating reliably and efficiently. A qualified plumber can identify and address any issues with your hot water system before they develop into more serious problems. This can save you time and money in the long term. A professional is also able to ensure your hot water system is producing water at a safe temperature for your family. Remember, hot water systems don’t last forever. Your plumber can help you decide whether it’s time for an upgrade.

Does Your Hot Water System Need an Inspection?

If you’re concerned about the safety of your hot water system, the first step is to call a professional plumbing. At Efficient Pure Plumbing, we can ensure your hot water system is safe for you and your family. We also provide split system installations and ducted heating installations Melbourne locals can rely on. Contact us and call +61 3 9792 3261 to learn more about our wide range of services.

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