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Ecostar® 3.7 star
• Value for money
• Easy to operate
• Proven reliability


Natural ducted gas heating, the ultimate in safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

  • Cheaper to run and reaches desired temperatures much faster when compared to reverse cycle heating.
  • Flexible zoning options provide complete control over your individual comfort needs by heating only parts of the house in use which can save you up to an extra 60% on running costs1.
  • Flexible installation for all types of homes and roof spaces.
  • Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.
  • Better for the environment with low CO² emissions.

** Controller not Included. Please Contact Efficient Pure Plumbing Pty Ltd **

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Throughout the cooler months, it is vital for the health of you and your loved ones to have a consistent warm,
comfortable environment. Ducted gas heating offers a reliable, comfortable, instant and constant heat.
If you are undertaking a renovation, or have an older inefficient system, there are many compelling reasons to stay
with, or change to, ducted gas heating. Ducted gas heating has advanced considerably in the last 20 years, providing
significant efficiency savings and performance improvements. Replacing an old system with a new Braemar ducted gas
heating solution can deliver you significant savings on your energy bills.

Ducted gas heating vs reverse cycle heating
For your heating solutions, ducted gas heating provides many advantages over reverse cycle. These include:
• Ducted gas heating offers an instant, cosy heat with less drying of the air. Reverse cycle air conditioning tends to
produce dry air that can irritate the eyes, nose and skin.
• Running cost savings.
• Warms your whole home quickly by producing much warmer air temperatures from your outlets than reverse cycle.
• Most ducted gas heaters are quieter as they are mounted in the roof space, out of sight and without troublesome
noise for you or your neighbours.
• Ducted gas heating operates independently of how cold it gets outside and therefore provides constant, cosy
performance at all times.
• Whole of home heating with flexible zoning options.


** Controller not Included. Please Contact Efficient Pure Plumbing Pty Ltd **