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Model No. Aquamax G390SS-NG

Price: $1,320.00


Storage hot water service Aquamax 390ss change over unit. On sale $1320.00

Aquamax G390SS Gas hot water storage is extremely cost and energy efficient

Largest delivery in our range, you choose the mix.

The Aquamax G390SS patented in-built mixing valve gives you up to 390 Litres first hour delivery with a 5 Star Energy Rating and 10 Year cylinder warranty1. As an installation option, your plumber can also install twin temperature delivery so you can enjoy the convenience of 65°C hot water in the kitchen and laundry when you need it, while taking comfort in the knowledge that it is safer for kids with bathroom hot water taps at 50°C or lower.

Product Features:

  • Natural Gas
  • 390 Litre First Hour Delivery
  • 155 Litre Stainless Steel tank
  • Inbuilt Mixing Valve
  • 5 Star Energy Rating
  • 10 Year Cylinder Warranty1
  • External Installation


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