Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners

Samsung Ducted System

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Key Benefits

Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning

Enjoy maximum comfort with a Samsung Ducted Air Conditioner

A Samsung inverter reverse cycle ducted air conditioner offers a seamless solution for heating or cooling every room in your home with a single system. Designed to be discreet, these ducted systems channel conditioned air through ducts hidden in your roof space, delivering it to ceiling outlets in each room. Experience ultimate comfort with our Duct S2+ Systems, providing efficient and unobtrusive climate control for your entire home.

Year Warranty

Powerful Airflow

The sturdy and durable design of our Samsung indoor units delivers up to 25% more air volume than a standard model, ensuring you stay comfortable in every corner of your home.


More locations and conditions than conventional ducted systems. With a compact design that is 10% smaller*, the fan and coil components can be split for easier installation or removal. 

Availability for Systems & Installers

Recommended across Melbourne for our fantastic availability, ensuring you can schedule your Samsung system installation quickly and conveniently.

Wi-Fi and the Smart Things app

Control your home air conditioner from anywhere, at any time using the Samsung SmartThings App. Monitor the air conditioner remotely with just a touch.

Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning
Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning

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Why Choose Samsung

Commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Samsung air conditioners feature advanced technology for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round. With a sleek, compact design, easy installation options, and superior air distribution, Samsung offers a premium cooling and heating experience that stands out in the market.

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Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning
Samsung Ducted Air Conditioning

Ideal for Every Space

Samsung ducted systems are ideal for every space due to their versatile design and advanced features. Their compact size and split fan and coil components allow for flexible installation in various locations, including tight roof and ceiling spaces. Optional Truss Chamfers further enhance their adaptability, making them a perfect fit for any room configuration.

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Questions & Answers

How energy efficient are Samsung ducted systems?

Samsung ducted systems are designed with advanced inverter technology to optimise energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and lowering utility bills while maintaining consistent comfort.

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