Samsung Split System Air Conditioners

Samsung Split System

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Key Benefits

Discover the Reliability & Efficiency Daikin Systems

Experience powerful cooling, energy efficiency, and advanced features designed to enhance your home’s climate control. Perfect for any room size, Samsung air conditioners offer quiet operation and stylish design. Learn more and find the perfect model for your needs today!

20% Less Energy

Monitor and cut energy use with AI Energy mode. Check power consumption, estimate your bill, and save up to 20% by adjusting settings based on your usage and room conditions.


Powerful Wind-Free™ Cooling quickly cools you down. Once the desired temperature is reached, Wind-Free™ Technology quietly maintains comfort by dispersing air through thousands of micro-holes.

Connect and Control

Control your Samsung air conditioner from anywhere, at anytime using the Samsung SmartThings App. You can control and monitor the air conditioner remotely with just a touch.

Air Purification

Clean air and peak performance with the Tri-Care Filter. Three layers of high-density filter for large dust and fibres, and a Zeolite Coating Filter that captures fine dust, viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

Samsung Split System Air Conditioner
Samsung Split System Air Conditioner

“James, Ali and Jake over 2 days completed a flawless installation, keeping us informed throughout the whole process and making sure we were happy with the placement of all the equipment – they really took a lot of pride in their work.”

Chris Hogan
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Why Choose Samsung

Choosing a Samsung Split System Air Conditioner means getting top-notch cooling, energy efficiency, and modern features. Samsung’s sleek designs and quiet operation make it a great fit for any home. With smart controls and a reputation for reliability, Samsung is the perfect choice for comfortable, hassle-free cooling.

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Samsung Split System Air Conditioner
Samsung Split System Air Conditioner
Samsung Split System Air Conditioner

Ideal for Every Space

Split system air conditioners are an excellent choice for targeted cooling without the need for extensive ductwork. They offer flexibility in installation, allowing you to cool specific rooms efficiently. With a split system, you get powerful cooling, quieter operation, and better energy efficiency compared to traditional units. Plus, they blend seamlessly into your home’s decor while providing easy, convenient control over your indoor climate.

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Questions & Answers

Can I control my Samsung split system air conditioner remotely?

Yes, you can control your Samsung split system air conditioner remotely using the Samsung SmartThings App. This allows you to monitor and adjust settings from anywhere with your smartphone.

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