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We stand by the solar panel brands we offer, as they have proved themselves for many years.

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Solar Power

Lower Your Costs Through Solar Power's Self-Reliance

Our mission is to help Melbourne locals achieve greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

We provide reliable installation, maintenance, and support to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills while enhancing your energy independence. Trust us for all your green energy solutions.

Solar Power
Solar Power

“Everyone is very friendly, informative and professional. If you need a system my husband and I recommend you talk to these guys. You won’t go wrong. Thanks for your great work guys.”

Nicola Robinson
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Solar Panels & Batteries

We trust and stand by the solar battery brands we use, having witnessed their performance and reliability over many years. Proper installation is key to maximising energy production and ensuring the longevity of your system, preventing the frustration of solar panels that stop working after just a few years. Get the best solar panels installed correctly and experience the full benefits of solar energy.

Solar Power
Solar Power
Solar Power
Solar Power

Our Trusted Australian Partners

We aim to minimize your environmental footprint through our partnerships with the world’s largest sustainable energy suppliers.

Our commitment to quality, dependability, and sustainability has earned the trust of the Brisbane community. Discover the benefits of eco-friendly energy with Strathpine’s leading experts in energy and storage solutions.

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Questions & Answers

How effective is solar energy in Melbourne's climate?

Solar energy is highly effective in Melbourne, despite the city’s variable weather. Melbourne receives a substantial amount of sunlight throughout the year, making solar panels a viable and efficient source of renewable energy.

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