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Daikin’s split system air conditioners are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® program and carry the blue butterfly symbol, indicating the products they identify as best suited for people affected by asthma and allergies. Daikin is the only split-system brand to be recognised by the Sensitive Choice program for its air filtration and purification technology.

The inconsistent seasonal weather of Victoria can lead to high levels of discomfort and even cause health problems. Whether you own a home or business, keeping all rooms at a comfortable temperature is a basic requirement to keep everyone inside happy and healthy. That’s why you need to find an affordable air conditioning installation from Melbourne’s preferred team for consistent performance that you can rely on. At Efficient Pure Plumbing, we specialise in a variety of heating and cooling services to help you stay comfortable throughout all four seasons.

Maintaining the optimum temperature in your home or business is made easy when we combine all components into one efficient system. There are numerous different types of systems to choose from including split, ducted and central, and our team can provide you with clear, reliable advice on the best option to suit your specific needs.

Split systems are a popular choice for a number of reasons

Simple installation and maintenance
Quiet operation
Climate control for heating and cooling
Inexpensive to install and operate
Easy to control by remote
Energy saving
Sleek design

The main components of a split air conditioning system include a control unit, hot and cool coils, fans, expansion valve and a compressor.

Split System Air Conditioner for Home

Multi head

If you need something that can control the climate in a large commercial or warehouse space with many rooms, a multi head split system is the perfect option to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. Units that are mounted indoors are linked by a main unit which can control each individual split.

Wall mounted

Rather than traditional systems installed on windows, wall mounted units help save space and look much more aesthetic. With consistent performance, affordable operation and stylish design, this style is a common choice for residential or small commercial settings.

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From evaporative cooling to ducted heating, we know all our systems back to front and source only the most trusted brands for all components involved to ensure that you enjoy long-lasting use. Whether you are trying to relax at home or want to maintain high productivity in the workplace, come to the experts at Efficient Pure Plumbing for split system air conditioning installation in Melbourne.

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