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Woman warming her hands with cat by the radiator.

The Dos and Don’ts of Heating

The Dos and Don’ts of Heating 

Although heating is a necessity in winter, it can account for around 40% or more of your energy costs, so it pays to install the right heating for your home or business. 

The way your home is designed as well as the effort you put into keeping out draughts and keeping the heat contained where you want it to be can contribute to energy efficiency and lowered power costs. 

Here are some our tips to enjoy a warm and cosy home or business this winter while reducing energy costs. 

Woman warming her hands with cat by the radiator.

Don’t Overdo It

It makes no sense to heat areas that aren’t being used so close doors and keep the heat where you need it most. 

Choosing the right sized heater for your needs will ensure you only pay for the heating you use instead of running a system that’s too big and wasting money and energy. 

Also consider your greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint. Gas heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning produce about two thirds less emissions than standard electric heaters. 

Passive Design

Passive design principles in your home will improve the efficiency and therefore reduce running costs of your heating. 

Things such insulation, large windows to make use of heat from the sun, sealing off draughts, and curtains that effectively stop heat from escaping via your windows at night all contribute to the efficiency of your heating. 

The Best Types of Heating

The best heating for you will depend on the size and type of building you want to heat, and whether you want to use gas or electricity. 

Ducted heating installation is a popular choice for homes and businesses because it gives you full control over which areas you heat, all from a central, eco-friendly unit that runs on gas or electricity. 

Heat pumps, or reverse cycle air conditioning, gives you the added benefit of ducted cooling in summer for year round climate control while saving money on air conditioning installation. 

flued gas wall furnace heater offers the benefits of lower greenhouse gas emissions while being safe and cool to the touch, so they’re perfect if you have young children.  

These heaters can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your specific heating needs — the flue takes away any emissions meaning you can close doors and windows to eliminate draughts, and their stylish looks fit in with any décor. 

Radiator panel hydronic systems and under-floor hydronic heating are both energy efficient and eco-friendly forms of heating for new buildings. 

Hydronic heating is easy to operate, looks good and heats up your home or business very quickly. 

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