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Tips for Maintaining a Ducted Heating System

Tips for Maintaining a Ducted Heating System

Ducted heating systems require regular care and maintenance to keep working efficiently, especially after working hard all winter. This ensures your system works safely and efficiently for years to come. Some basic maintenance, such as cleaning, can be done yourself while others require you to call the experts in.

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Regular Cleaning

Over time, dust, hair, and various other pollutants build up inside your ducted heating system. Keeping it clean is essential to prevent unhealthy allergens being spread in your home. Build-up of dirt, dust and debris in your ducted heating system will restrict its efficiency, putting extra pressure on your machine and wearing out your system more quickly.

You can help mitigate this by removing dirt built up on the inside of your vent covers. Using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, remove as much of the dirt, dust, and other debris that you can. For ceiling vents, use a duster with an extension pole. Examine the filter and clean it if necessary, using warm water and a small amount of natural detergent followed by drying with a soft cloth. Look for visible dust puffing out of the vents when you initially start up your ducted heating system.

Know Your System

Proper maintenance requires you to know what your ducted heating system needs. Do you know how often the filters need to be changed? Can you change them yourself? Do you know how to clean them properly? As the homeowner, it is recommended that you take the time to understand what your ducted heating system needs in terms of home maintenance and when professional inspections and/or maintenance need to be carried out.

Annual Professional Inspections

Organise a yearly visit from the ducted heating experts to inspect your unit and test everything is working properly. Your annual service may include:

  •  Checking your unit’s performance against manufacturer standards
  •  Replacing filters
  •  Testing for any leaks or ill-working seals
  •  Testing of the functionality and overall energy efficiency of the system
  • Checking for any unsightly or unhealthy mould development
  •  Protecting against electrical faults, wear and tear and less than optimum air flow.

There are certain times when you shouldn’t wait for the annual inspection and call in an expert immediately. For example, if you smell mould coming from your system, notice excessive dirt and debris, if there are signs of vermin in your system or if you or your family experience ongoing allergy symptoms when using the system.

Contact Efficient Pure Plumbing for Ducted Heating Maintenance

If you are having trouble with your ducted heating system, we are more than happy to help with any necessary repairs or replacements, or if you want to arrange an inspection. We have a wealth of parts and equipment at our disposal to quickly identify and solve any issue with minimal disruption to your home or workplace.

We have more than 20 years of experience and have repaired a vast range of old ducted heating and cooling systems. We can diagnose your system for leaks and advise when a system has deteriorated beyond the scope of repair and merits replacing. Give us a call on 03 9792 3261 today or get in touch online.

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