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Top tips for keeping the temperature consistent in older homes.

Top Tips for Keeping the Temperature Consistent in Older Homes

Older homes in Australia can be better and worse than some modern homes at maintaining consistent temperatures. On the one hand, the trend towards double brick creates a swathe of extremely well-insulated buildings, and if they have been maintained and are structurally sound, are still efficient.  On the other hand, buildings with corrugated iron roofs and draft prone weatherboards heat up and cool down quickly. In this article, we will describe some key tips for maintaining consistent temperature in older homes.

Fix Your Insulation and Any Draft Issues

Regardless of your system, the most important aspect of maintaining temperature is insulation. Insulation is the barrier between the internal and external environments to mediate changes from the external environment into the internal space. Double glazed glass is better at insulating than normal glass, for example, and transfers heat slower between the inside and outside. Insulation is important whether you are trying to keep a space hot or cold.
Draft issues, or problems arising from air moving freely through walls, vents, cracks, etc. are another major issue that should be addressed regardless of your system. These issues directly interfere with creating the temperature environment you desire.

Keep your Air Conditioning System Serviced

Regular and professional maintenance of your air conditioning and/or heating systems is important to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. Systems that fall out of repair will draw excessive quantities of electricity and function at reduced capacities, making it harder and more expensive to insulate a space. Professionals will also be able to tell you when the system you have needs to be replaced or upgraded, and you may find it much easier to maintain a consistent temperature in an old house with a new system.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage

A lot of older properties were built before air conditioners and heaters existed. They were designed to heat and cool using passive techniques, and knowledge of these methods can greatly decrease energy costs.
One of the simplest ways to utilise passive cooling in summer is to open the house up late at night and close it early in the morning. This allows the cool night air to flow through the home and then become trapped before it starts heating up. Another factor to get this right is being able to create the right cross drafts by selectively opening windows so that air flows in a desired direction.

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