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Technician installing air conditioner on the wall

Three Signs it’s time to upgrade your home heating/cooling systems.

Three Signs it’s Time to Upgrade your Home Heating/Cooling Systems

A good air conditioner can make all of the difference to being comfortable in Melbourne. As a city prone to both weeks of scorching temperatures and consistent rainfall, being able to endure any weather condition is important for maintaining health and comfortability. In this article, we will outline three major signs that your air conditioning system might need an upgrade, or at the very least a service and professional inspection 

Technician installing air conditioner on the wall

Mechanical Faults

If your air conditioner isn’t working in the way it was intended, have it looked at immediately. Improperly maintained air conditioners can host pathogenic bacteria and moulds. Damaged air conditioners could also contain electrical faults that may start fire starting. If it simply doesn’t work half of the time, it’s functional enough for those extreme weather conditions. If the system you have is still under warranty, it would be ideal to organize a repair or replacement, but if your unit is old, out of warranty and not working, it might be cheaper in the long run to replace it.  

Poor Performance

If you have noticed your cooling and or heating system not performing at its best since it was installed or last serviced, its time to get a professional to have a look. If you have persistently poor and decreasing performance from your air conditioner after a professional service, its probably time to get it replaced.  

It is definitely worth pointing out that air conditioners have been the subject of ongoing innovation and improvement over the last few years. They work more efficiently and consume less electricity. If your air conditioner simply isn’t delivering the temperature control you desire chances, are that there are newer products on the market that will.  

Energy Cost

One of the major indicators that an air conditioner is failing is that it will begin drawing increased quantities of electricity. It may make itself evident as a noticeable increase on your power bill. Having access to graphs showing daily fluctuations and comparing it with the program of your air conditioner can be a good way to get more clarity on this issue.

Ready for an Upgrade?

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