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Bright morning sun in the open window through the curtains

Warming Your Home Without Heating The Globe

Warming Your Home Without Heating The Globe

Keeping your home throughout the winter doesn’t mean blasting the heat day and night as there are numerous ways to warm your home without making an unnecessary contribution to global warming. That doesn’t mean not using the heater at home, after all, our winters here in Melbourne can be freezing and make home heating systems a must. However, it’s possible to reduce your reliance on your heater while keeping your home cosy and lowering your household’s energy bills. What’s more, the following ideas are both natural and free, empowering you to enjoy a cosy home without increasing your carbon footprint.

Bright morning sun in the open window through the curtains

How To Keep Your Home Warm Naturally

Keeping your home warm and cosy naturally is easy with these simple ideas:

  • Close doors, windows and vents that you don’t use often.

If you live in a large home (or even a small home) with an extra room that you don’t use daily, close the doors, windows and vents in winter. This way you’ll reduce drafts and won’t be heating interior spaces that aren’t in use, which helps to lower your energy usage and bills.

  • Open the curtains in the day and close them at night.

Open the curtains so the sun can heat the glass and warm the interior spaces of your home and then close them again when the sun goes down to seal in the heat. The effectiveness of this will depend on your curtains, so if you’re upgrading your window treatments, consider investing in blackout curtains (or blinds) with thermal lining. These curtains and blinds also contribute to keeping your home cooler and more comfortable during the summer months.

Looking for more ways to keep your home warm naturally? Additional ways to make your home more energy-efficient in winter include sealing up cracks and drafts around door and window frames, covering floors with rugs and reversing the direction of ceiling fans.

Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

There are many eco-friendly heating and cooling options on the market, so homeowners will find themselves spoiled for choice if they’re upgrading their heating system and want a cost-effective, energy-efficient heating system. When exploring your home heating options, focus on products with good energy ratings and be sure to check out online reviews to find out what other homeowners think of their new ducted and hydronic heating systems.

Furthermore, don’t overlook maintenance as a means of reducing your energy usage. Just as air conditioning repairs keep Melbourne homes cool and comfortable in summer, gas ducted heating service and repairs are equally important in winter. Scheduled servicing and timely repairs ensure your heating system is working efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get Expert Advice From A Heating Specialist

If you’re to make the right choices about hydronic and ducted heating installations and keep your heating system operating at optimum efficiency with professional maintenance, servicing and repairs, get the advice you need from a trusted Melbourne heating specialist.

At Efficient Pure Plumbing in Dandenong, we provide experienced advice to homeowners across Melbourne to help you get the best performance from your heating system, lower your energy bills and keep your interior spaces comfortable in winter. To speak with a team member about your heating needs, contact Efficient Pure Plumbing on 03 9498 1063 today.