Ways To Prevent Heat Loss At Home In Winter

4 Ways To Prevent Heat Loss At Home In Winter

Having trouble figuring out why your house is still cold even with the heat turned up? Efficient Pure Plumbing provides tips and tricks to reduce heat loss through walls and windows. The key to energy efficient heating is to improve the insulation of your home to reduce heat loss through conduction. Blocking small air gaps prevents warm air leakage through convection heat loss. In combination with energy efficient heating systems, a home can greatly improve the amount of energy required to keep it warm.[vc_single_image image=”46046″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”fadeIn”]

Save Energy When Heating Your Home

It’s a colder winter than usual, you’ve serviced your heating system to make sure it is running efficiently, but you’re still dismayed at the high heating bills coming in every month. It is the weather? Or is there something you can do differently to keep your energy usage in check while also using the system the way you want to? While you may not be able to control Mother Nature, here are some ways in which you can take determine the efficiency of your heating system in simple ways.

Extra DIY Protection for Your Windows

Take window insulation to the next level with a few handy, pocket-friendly tips that improve their performance. Thick curtains provide an extra layer of insulation, with dark coloured fabrics that absorb sunlight and keep the house warm. Additional shades and shutters can prevent further heat loss, making your furnace work less to keep the room at a fixed temperature of your choosing.

Use Your Ceiling Fans For More Warmth

It may sound counter-intuitive, but most people believe that ceiling fans are made for cooling during summer. We recommend installing ceiling fans with a reverse switch, allowing them to turn in a clockwise motion, thereby pushing the rising warm air from your heating system downwards where it is useful to you.

Improve General Home Insulation

Effective insulation can reduce energy usage by up to 45%. With savings like that, it is worth it to consider underfloor insulation which prevent cold draughts. Ceiling insulation prevents rising warm air from escaping too quickly. Materials like glasswool are relatively inexpensive but provide excellent insulation for walls.

Use the Winter Sun To Your Advantage

The ultraviolet radiation from sunlight transfers through glass and becomes radiant heat upon contact with various objects. Make the most of this free energy by letting the sun into your house during the day for natural warmth, then close your blinds, windows and curtains as the sun sets to keep the warmth in, reducing the load on your heating system.

Ducted and Split Heating Installation

The team at Efficient Pure Plumbing is passionate about providing you the best home heating solutions while ensuring that your energy costs remain within your family’s budget. Contact us today to chat with our consultants, call us on 03 9792 3261, or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you at a time that’s convenient for you.

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