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What is Radiant Heat and How Does it Work?

What is Radiant Heat and How Does it Work?

For some homes, radiant heat might be the perfect heating system. Space heating can be inefficient and costly in some cases, especially when temperatures drop significantly over the course of a day.

Radiant heat works in much the same way as an oven does. It works by heating the home from the ground up using heating coils installed in the floor, walls or ceilings. They often use gas or wood fired boilers to create heat which radiates throughout the home.

Radiant floor heating is easy to install, efficient, uncomplicated and has the added advantage of not blowing potential allergic particles around the house the way forced hot air systems might. Due to the underfloor heating system, heat rises from below, warming every surface in the room more evenly. Most importantly, radiant heat keeps objects, and you, warmer for longer. They offer a “type” of heat that feels much more natural, even, and is often faster at heating up a room than traditional heating.

Underfloor heating is an age old technique for warming spaces. A floor was typically set on a raised platform, with a heating system underneath, much like a Turkish bath where the heat radiated through layers of tiles or stones. Examples of radiant floor heating can be found across many cultures, from Europe all the way to Japan.

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Types of Radiant Heating

Electric Systems:
Electric radiant heating systems are often not the only heat source in the room. Cables are mostly attached to mats for ease of installation and are installed under the floor. Radiant electric floor heating pads can also be installed under laminate and other floating floors, even hardwood. Innovations in radiant floor heating allow for some systems which simply roll out, are taped in place, covered with a floating floor with electrical connections.

Hydronic systems
Hydronic radiant heating systems are designed for and better suited to heat larger spaces. These systems use water heated to between 35 and 95 degrees Celsius using a boiler and allowed to flow through tubes under the floor

Radiant Panels
It is also possible to opt for wall and ceiling-mounted radiant heat panels. These are usually made of aluminium and are heated with either electricity or with hot water through tubes. A good heating system consultant will ensure that there is no leakage from water-based systems. At Efficient Pure Plumbing, we recommend electric radiant heating systems which are easier to install and maintain. Radiant panels are an excellent way to add complementary heating to your existing system for a more even heating, which supports your existing system by making it work less.

Radiant Heating System Installation in Victoria

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