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Split air conditioner

Ducted, Split, or Evaporative? What kind of cooling system is best for your home?

Ducted, Split, or Evaporative? What kind of cooling system is best for your home? 

With all of the different technologies and ongoing innovations in air conditioning, it can be hard to know what kind of system is best for your home. Ducted, split and evaporative systems are the most common new installations in Australian homes, but they all have different functions, and this article will help dictate which is the right one for your home.  

Split air conditioner

Split System Air Conditioners 

Split system air conditioners, sometimes known as reverse cycle heat pumps, are highly effective systems capable of quickly heating and cooling rooms.  

Single versus Multi-Split versus Ducted Systems

Split system air conditioners come in various shapes and sizes. The simplest is the single split, where there is a single internal head and an exterior pump unit. The head is what you would typically recognise as an air conditioning unit; mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor. When the system is operating in cooling mode, heat is extracted into the refrigerant circulating through the internal head, and then the heat is released by the refrigerant into the external air.  

In a multisplit system, there are multiple heads for the same pump that can be independently controlled.  

In a ducted system, there are no bulky or cumbersome internal heads, and hot or cold air is pumped into rooms through small vents most typically in the ceilingDucted systems usually offer zone control, and in our modern age, these systems can be controlled with smart phones 

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling systems are popular because of their incredible energy efficiency. Evaporative coolers draw in air from the external environment and pass it through a saturated pad, which cools the air by extracting the energy through evaporation. This process creates tiny droplets of moisture that circulate with the cooled incoming air, combining to increase the cooling power.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling Systems

Evaporative cooling systems generally consume less electricity than reverse cycle air conditioning systems. Evaporative cooling systems are also typically cheaper to install, maintain and run. They are also likely to be more effective even when doors and windows are left open. 

Advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems

One of the major advantages of reverse cycle air conditioning systems is that they can be run in reverse to heat instead of cool air. This means if you install a reverse cycle air conditioner, you won’t need a heater during winter.  

The other advantage of reverse cycle air conditioners is that they work a lot faster than evaporative systems at quickly heating or cooling a space.

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