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Winter Checks for Your Heater

Pre-Winter Service Checklist for Your Heating System

During winter, your heating system becomes the most important aspect of your home for multiple reasons. Not only does it keep you and your family warm, but it can also be a serious liability and incur astronomical additional costs to your monthly budget if not maintained properly. A properly maintained system will give you the best heating, with minimal wasted energy without the risk of harmful emissions. Putting off maintenance of your system can be very costly if it experiences a breakdown during winter, leaving you with a staggering repair or replacement bill. Efficient Pure Plumbing has put together a handy pre-winter maintenance checklist for you to consider before temperatures start falling.

Pre Winter Service Heating System

Visual Inspection

It is always important to do an external check before starting work on a heating system. Venting pipes should be properly angled and secured and drainage tubes should be checked. Pay close attention to any odd smells that may linger around the gas lines. If you detect a smell of rotten eggs, it could indicate a gas leak, in which case you must call your heating system provider immediately for repair and maintenance.

Clear the Drainage Tube

Natural gas furnaces blow most of the water they produce during operation as steam, while the rest drains out into a drip pan. Drainage is extremely important to the functioning of the furnace and a clogged drainage tube can cause water to fill the manifold and shut down the system. A simple way to prevent this is to regularly remove the drainage tube and blow compressed air through it, completing the job by passing white vinegar through it to clean it thoroughly.

Cleaning out Dust and Debris

It’s the one thing we all miss, and before you know it, dust, dirt and debris can cause your furnace to work inefficiently, or break down completely. We recommend using a soft brush to loosen debris and material from the inner components and interior. Remove the fallen dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner after you’re done.

Furnace Filter Checkup

The furnace filter is one of the most important components of your heating system. Maintaining the filter regularly can save you a lot on energy bills and increase the longevity of your system. Restricted airflow puts additional pressure on the motor, causing the system to overheat or burn out.

Clean the Flame Sensor

We recommend cleaning the flame sensor of your gas furnace at least once a year. After unscrewing the sensor from the furnace, hold it from the bottom and clean carefully with an emery cloth.

Professional Heating System Maintenance

Maintenance and servicing of heating systems requires expertise and knowledge. If you feel doubtful about any of these tasks, we recommend calling an experienced professional to carry out a thorough check. Efficient Pure Plumbing is the most trusted name in heating systems in Melbourne. Call us today on 03 9792 3261 for information on servicing your furnace, or email us at info@heatingcoolingsystems.com.au.