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Young Man Lying Under Air Conditioner On Couch Using Tablet At Home

Your Summer Checklist for Cooling

Your Summer Checklist for Cooling

Australians love summer and the great outdoors but when the heat gets too much we’re also pretty good at finding the perfect way to cool off and chill out. 

Whether it’s floating in the pool or well and truly settled inside with the air conditioner on, it’s important to make sure your favourite way to beat the heat is ready to go before summer unleashes its worst. 

Here’s our checklist to ensure you stay cool this summer, no matter where you are. 

Young Man Lying Under Air Conditioner On Couch Using Tablet At Home


Drink it, spray it all over yourself and others, dive into it, and even keep it in the freezer for the ultimate cool down. 

Water is the number one way to stay cool in the heat, inside and outside. 

If you don’t have a pool visit the local community pool, go to the beach or make friends with someone who has one. If you do have a pool, make sure it’s ready for summer fun because you could be making new friends who’ll want to use it. 

Drink plenty of cool or iced water to stay well hydrated, and if you’re really feeling the heat try running cool water over your wrists and ankles. It really works to make you feel cooler. 

Water Toys

Even if you don’t have a pool you can set up the old slip ‘n’ slide or any other water toys on the lawn. 

Even the sprinkler can be a fun and effective way to cool down, especially with a bunch of creative friends. 

Once you’ve finished playing you can sit and rest under some shady trees and relax knowing you’ve at least watered the lawn. 

Modern water pistols have come a long way and they’re now extremely inventive, and entertaining, so grab some hot and willing friends and start a water pistol war, you’ll get some exercise while you cool down. 

If you don’t have water pistols get yourself a bag of water balloons. They’re just as much fun and you’ll still get plenty wet. 

The Air Conditioning

When everyone has had enough of the summer heat make sure your home is a cool oasis with the right type of air conditioning to suit your needs. 

Have your existing air conditioning system serviced before the heat sets in, and clean your filters properly for maximum performance. 

While you’re at it, don’t forget the car air conditioning. You’ll be needing that while you’re driving to the beach or pool, shopping for new water toys, or heading off on holiday. 

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